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Annaghdown LGFA needs you !

Unfortunately, due to a very poor attendance at our AGM on Monday a committee could not be formed.

A number of committee members vacated their positions after serving tirelessly for the past several years, so the time has come for new people to step up.

We are looking for a chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, coaching officer and 2 county board delegates.

We appreciate there are some big roles to fill but the executive committee is dedicated to helping all new members in their roles.

Annaghdown LGFA has had a very successful year forming a new development committee and fundraising committee – both of which have benefited our girls greatly and it is now time to build on that success!
But the club cannot run itself and we need new members in order to continue.

If we cannot elect a new committee there will be no club.

Please think about joining over the next few weeks.
An EGM will be scheduled for early January.

Please contact me if you have any questions – annaghdown.galway@lgfa.ie

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