Constitution of Annaghdown Parish Council

Constitution of Annaghdown Parish Council

Annaghdown Parish Council is voluntary committee consisting of members residing within the following town lands:

Addergoole, Annagh East, Annagh West, Annaghdown, Ardgaineen, Auclogeen, Balroebuck Beg, Balroebuck More, Ballylee, Barranny, Barravilla, Baunmore, Biggera, Beg, Biggera More, Bolisheen, Bunnahevelly Beg, Bunnahevelly More, Bunoghanaun, Bunnatober, Cloonboo, Caherlea, Cahermorris, Carraghy, Carheeny, Cartron, Carrowbeg North, Carrowbeg South, Carrowrooan, Castlecreevey, Castlequarter, Cloonagh, Cloonleenaun, Cluidrevagh, Corbally, Corrandrum, Corrandulla, Coteenty, Cregduff, Cregg, Drumbaun, Drumgriffin, Gardenham, Gealcarraig, Glebe, Gortroe, Grange, Glenrevagh, Illaunaneel, Illaunaneel West, Illaunaveetry, Kilgill, Kilcahill, Lisheenanoran, Mace, Mullaghdrum, Muckrush, Nineacres, Park, Racona, Rabbit Island, Rinnaharney, Shanbally, Shankill, Slievefin, Tonnagarraun, Tonamace, Tomnahulla, Woodpark.

Establishment of Annaghdown Parish Council

Annaghdown Parish Council was established in May 2006 following public consultations which were organised both individually and jointly by the existing Annaghdown and Corrandulla Community Councils. Upon the establishment of the Parish Council it was agreed that the Community Councils would be disbanded and that all existing funds of these bodies should be applied for the purposes of the new body.

Objectives of Annaghdown Parish Council

The main object for which Annaghdown Parish Council is established is to represent the best interests of the local population, through assisting with the organisation and delivery of such environmental, pastoral, social and structural services as are required in the area at any given time.

Specifically, the Annaghdown Parish Council will;

  1. Advise and make recommendations to the Trustees of St Jarlath’s Trust, in relation to the best use of any properties owned by the Trust in the Parish Council area.
  2. Manage local community resources to the best advantage of the local community.
  3. Identify evolving need for the provision of amenities and services in the area and make representations to the appropriate statutory agencies to ensure that the fullest range of services possible, are available to the local Parish.
  4. Promote voluntary activity by supporting the work of existing voluntary groups and assisting the establishment of new groups responding to emerging needs identified by the Parish Council.
  5. Monitor planning proposals within the Parish Council area to ensure that planned developments do not constitute a threat to the health and well being of the local population and to represent concerns held by the community in relation to such developments to the Planning Authority where appropriate.

Membership of Annaghdown Parish Council

Membership of Annaghdown Parish Council is open to all people resident for the time-being within the townlands listed earlier.

Meetings of Annaghdown Parish Council

Meetings of Annaghdown Parish Council will be held on the second Monday of each month at a time and venue to be decided by the council from time to time.

Establishment of Limited Company

Annaghdown Parish Council Limited was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee Not Having a Share Capital on April 5 2007, for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Annaghdown Parish Council.

Directors of Annaghdown Parish Council Limited

The Directors of the Company are appointed annually from those members of the Annaghdown Parish Council who attend the Company’s Annual General Meeting and express a willingness to be appointed. Once appointed the Directors are bound by the Articles and Memorandum of Association of the company. They must therefore exercise their independent discretion when approving proposals for the disposal of income and the establishment of any contracts or legal agreements etc. on behalf of the company and the Parish Council.

Relationship between the Limited Company and Annaghdown Parish Council

Any member of the Annaghdown Parish Council may express his or her opinion on the best approach to be adopted in pursuit of the Council’s objectives. The Parish Council should endeavour to ensure that the broadest possible range of opinions is heard at all times. In circumstances where general agreement on the best use of company resources cannot be achieved, the Directors who bear legal liability must decide how to proceed through a vote carried out in the manner proscribed in the Articles and Memorandum of Association of the company.