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Lough Corrib Chart Book on Sale

is the culmination of years of sonar surveying by
Captain Trevor Northage, during which time,
he discovered more than 80 wrecks – their ages dating
from the modern times back to 4000 BC.

The wrecks are still being examined and studied by the Underwater Archaeology unit of the National Museum of Ireland.

Many important artefacts have also been discovered, including the beautiful Corrib Axes on permanent display in the National Museum.

The book provides not only a guide to the history and safe navigation of the lake, but it is also a basis for the planning of all fishing disciplines. It has shallows and deeps indicated to precision, and full bathymetry.

It has strategic shore services marked, launching sites for vessels of all types, and of course, the Pubs, as well as historical sites and points of interest.

For those of us with interests and activities on the lake this book is the essential guide.

Captain Northage is a Master Mariner, with years of experience navigating large vessels in all the oceans of the world. His passion though, is to create unique and breathtakingly accurate charts of Lough Corrib, to make this dangerous and unpredictable lake safer and much more interesting for us all.

To quote Captain Northage,
“Lough Corrib has taken five years to chart, and every day it tells me that it will take another lifetime to uncover all its secrets.”

How to buy the Lough Corrib Chart Book: signed can be bought directly for postal delivery from
(using Paypal). Just include a line
if you would like any special dedication, etc. on the book.

The Lough Corrib Chart Book are also be bought from Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, The Cornstore, Middle Street, Galway.

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