Guidelines for Publishing Material on Annaghdown Parish Council Website

  1. Annaghdown Parish Council Ltd is the registered owner of the website and
    has authority to accept or reject all information including text or photographs submitted for
    inclusion on the website at its own discretion.
  2. All groups wishing to publish material on should submit details of their
    group to Annaghdown Parish Council on the attached application form.
  3. Material submitted for inclusion on the website as news items will only be accepted from Local
    Community and Sporting Groups which operate on a Not for Profit basis.
  4. Annaghdown Parish Council may at its discretion, provide administrative rights to allow groups
    that regularly contribute to the website, to amend their own material.
  5. Each Community Group submitting material for inclusion on the website must ensure the
    accuracy of information and obtain all necessary permission to publish or reproduce all material,
    prior to doing so.
  6. Annaghdown Parish Council reserves the right to remove any material from its website, where
    information accepted in good faith is shown to be inaccurate or incomplete, offensive, or lacking
    any necessary consent.
  7. Any commercial venture wishing to advertise on the site, should contact the Treasurer of
    Annaghdown Parish Council for details of current rates. Email: or Telephone 091 793796